Please read all the documentation and follow all steps before opening a Topic  – i can assure you that this documentation should cover all aspects of this theme, it’s use and setup! This instruction manual will give you the knowledge (with screen shots) to set up your theme with ease.


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We have a dedicated support center as mentioned on the first page of our documentation where you should direct all questions with regard to the functions and operation of this theme.
We supply support not because we have to, but because it’s the right thing to do. I only have a few rules – here they are:

Be polite

This is actually a rule and not a recommendation. We love supporting our buyers but we are not open to demands, alterations to the theme, customizations etc.

It’s Purely help on installing or if you’re not sure quite how to use a function of the theme.

Customization Work

We offer customizations at a price – contact us in the support center with your project scope and we will offer a price and timeline.

We don’t work for free sorry.

If you don’t have a budget then unfortunately it’s time to either start looking at tutorials, grabbing that handy brother-in-law that is a seasoned developer or borrowing money to get a professional to do your customization work.

We do not offer free advise, do the work for you or assist with ‘can you just show me how…” requests.
I hope you understand that at $40 – $55 a WordPress theme doesn’t include a developer at your disposal, but it does get you a rock solid awesome theme.